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—Susan Gilbert

Spaghetti with Miso Sauce
—Nate Bynum

Portabella Spanakopita
—Susan Gilbert

Rutabaga & Parsnips
—Richard Curtis

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—Nate Bynum

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—Bill Wagner

Altered States Black Bean Chili
—Nate Bynum

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—Susan Gilbert

Salad Menu
—Richard Curtis

Korean Bi Bim Bap
—Nate Bynum

Norwegian Pancakes
—Susan Gilbert

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rutabaga & parsnips with miso & nuts

Steam rutabaga & parsnips with celery seeds & pepper.

Chop and saute large red onion in oil flavored with mustard seeds & garlic.

Add pecans and steam while you mix
two teaspoons of miso in water with arrowroot to thicken.

When the pecans have steamed, add the miso mixture and heat thru.

Cover and let sit.

Grate equal amounts of raw beet & carrot.

Toss with balsamic vinegar & olive oil.

Season with salt, pepper & dill weed.

Prepare plates with a bed of greens.

Mound steamed vegetables and beet salad and dress with miso mixture.

Season with black pepper & salt to taste.

—Richard Curtis




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