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super easy spaghetti and miso sauce


  • several big portabella mushrooms
  • a couple garlic cloves
  • red bell pepper
  • pine nuts
  • big yellow onion
  • mild barley miso
  • whole wheat spaghetti


Saute portabellas, onion, garlic and bell peppers as the spaghetti boils. Add pine nuts near the end. Drain noodles and add equal parts miso and water to your vegetables. Stir and simmer until sauce forms. Add water or more miso to your liking in regard to consistency. Serve sauce over noodles. Crusty bread and salad greens go well with this dish.

notes and comments:

For a more hearty meal, cube and pan fry tofu to add to the sauce. Morels would probably rock in this sauce.

—Nate Bynum




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