Susan R. Gilbert

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hey, glue!

hey, glue!
hold me together now
with your sticky tacky many-fingered grip
my limbs in limbo land
my bones
will not cooperate
and I cross my fingers
hoping that my heart won't just slide down and out and
leave the scene
and I cross my fingers that
my fingers will still keep crossing
I cross
my toes
well that's for exercise
but I'm serious
I need to stay together and I
can't do it without you
and head
stuck on and holding
and just hoping they can stay there long enough
to be useful

listen to two poems:

walking onions    

walking onions

so let's go around
as walking onions
with our papery outer layers
so smooth and proud
a rich tan or silky white

we bump against each other
and some of that skin falls off
and the onion juice
makes everybody cry

so as we are bumping into each other
we are crying
onion tears,
all of us, and the layers
guard the secret eye
in the center of the onion

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