Susan R. Gilbert

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she finally found one more way
to surprise herself
and she was surprised at her surprise
making two surprises
after quite a long time of no surprises

and all she had to do was
look under the table
right where she sat,
look down at her feet
and there it was

she’d forgotten what she’d stuck in her shoe
and that her shoe was a surprise in itself,
another surprise
being so much
her foot

listen to surprise

she was always arranging the
top of the table
and looking off across the room
now suddenly she found herself in the space below the table
like another room
with other doors,
inventions and possibilities
fighting for her attention
and making a lot of noise
and new surprises growing
sometimes exploding
out of old ones

so this was the way her life began to seem
very different
when in fact it was the same life
and the same
and the same


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