Susan R. Gilbert

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*efiw a rof

efiw a rof llod tnaig a tnaw I
lauteprep citsalp gnivil a
seirettab htiw ,namow tobor
ydaer dna degrahc

eraperp ll'ehs srennid tnasaelp hcus
,eludehcs bi
reh fo tuo lla ti llup ll'ehs
gab gnidnapxe reve
eht lla elip sdrawretfa dna
edisni sehsid suoremun

peeb dna muh lliw ehs
erit reven dna ,syad reh hguorht
yltnetni netsil dna
ylper ton dna ,yas I gnihtyreve ot
ylidaets tub

tsud dna naelc ll'ehs
owt ro mra artxe reh htiw
,ybab eht ekat dna
.ooz eht ot ,gnihgual

*(the backwards version)

for a wife

I want a giant doll for a wife
a living plastic perpetual
robot woman, with batteries
charged and ready

such pleasant dinners she'll prepare
on schedule,
she'll pull it all out of her
ever expanding bag
and afterwards pile all the
numerous dishes inside

she will hum and beep
through her days, and never tire
and listen intently
to everything I say, and not reply
but steadily

she'll clean and dust
with her extra arm or two
and take the baby,
laughing, to the zoo


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