talking to Eleanor

I wrote a letter to you
to you from me
from me to you
nice thing to do
then I found an envelope
grabbed my jacket
put the letter in my pocket
and rushed out the door
Tom at the post office
sold me a stamp
which I stuck on the envelope
sideways, and said
"thanks, Tom!" it looks like

Eleanor, Eleanor
Eleanor Roosevelt's face on a stamp

almost dropped in the box
almost sent on its way
but something distracted me
just long enough
to notice that Eleanor's
nose stuck out
of a very pink face
and I saw her wink at me
there by the wanted posters
and the catalog trash
I was face to face with

Eleanor, Eleanor
Roosevelt, Roosevelt

she was looking at me
she was blinking I think
as I started to faint
and the room seemed to fade away
in a tiny but resonant voice
she was talking to me

and when I held her up
close to my ear
I could hear every word
every word she said

Eleanor, Eleanor
Roosevelt, Roosevelt

how long has it been?
so many years
and what have you done?
I miss those times now that I'm
stuck on a stamp
I let her watch the news
on the TV and she says
it gives her a headache
and she's glad that her head
is not any bigger

Eleanor, Eleanor
Roosevelt, Roosevelt

and I never sent that letter
Eleanor Roosevelt
sits in my pocket and
talks to me every day...
you wrote me to say
well, why haven't you written
so I write another, say
I was talking, I was talking to
Eleanor, Eleanor
Roosevelt, Roosevelt
I was talking to Eleanor Roosevelt

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©2007 Susan R. Gilbert